Boyfriend Se Shadi Karne ka Tarika

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Healthy relationship is that who doesn’t have to struggle or face lot of hurdles in their life. If you have to face lot of difficulties to maintain a relationship to sustain then such relationship couldn’t stay too more times so it is better to say goodbye. If you felt that there may be some sort of connection between you and your partner then to make relationship successful you have to put lot of efforts towards yourself.

Some people felt that the partner they choose will be a suitable one for him/her but in front of our partner we couldn’t be what we are. But for few peoples these paths are filled with lot of troubles. In love it seems it doesn’t see age, creed, religion it happens to anyone, to anywhere at any time you can’t imagine in what moment you slip in love with someone. But problems occurs if your love is one sided or your partner doesn’t have same feelings for you as you have for him. Maybe your love is so deep and inspirational for others but in spite of that you got rejection from parents, society or relatives one for your love marriage. But in that circumstances don’t become hopeless we are providing you an effective boyfriend se shadi karne ka tarika, which can remove all the hurdles or hinderance and convince your angry boyfriend or family members for your marriage. Many timer you face several obstacles in path of your marriage and things becomes wrong

Our Astrologer Manoj Sharma is a reputed astrologer and well known personality in field of astrology, vaastu science, palmistry, vashikaran, black magic and so on. He had explore new dimension in field of astrology served lot of peoples by put them out from their life’s major hurdles. His contributions to the society are unparalleled by exclusive blessings of god he has achieved great heights in their career. You will definitely get answers of your queries or for our consultation session organized by us you don’t have to pay any charge, thus be careful to trap in any scam in reoccurrence of our name.

Here we give you best tips to marry your boyfriend:

  1. Offer betel leaf and flute to temple of Krishna.
  2. In Shukla Paksha at Thursday offer chant below mantra in front of picture of Laxmi and Narayana. Thus chant 3 rosary beads of sphatik up to three months to Thursday and offer some sweets at going temple to lord.

Mantra: “Om Laxmi Narayanaya nama”

  1. While going for bathing put a pinch of turmeric in water you would get rid from hurdles comes into the path of your marriage.
  2. Wear a yellow color clothes and keep a yellow color hander kerchief along with it, you will see quick effect in your life.
  3. Offer a chapatti to cow along with a little jiggery and gram pulses.
  4. Daily chant Durga Shaptshati chapter or shlok.
  5. Lit a lamp near banyan tree or Tulsi plant and chant purushukt daily.