husband vashikaran mantra

Control Your Husband by Vashikaran remedies, Upay and Totke

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husband vashikaran mantra
husband vashikaran mantra

Marriage is such a relation where balance is maintain by mutual trust, understanding and love between husband and wife. In most of the cases one sided love causes disputes, misunderstanding and problems between husband and wife. Sometimes wife or husband have extra marital affairs outside their marriage relation. But having such relations are not seen with good view in our society.Since it’s male dominance in our society nobody stops male partner from having extra marital affairs. Sometimes scenario becomes more violent when a wife who leaves her own home to spending life with her husband. Sometime she have to faces physical violence from her husband also and she didn’t get any respect from him too.

Marriage relationship is like wheels of cart where both the partner should play their role while being active. Both should be running parallel while maintaining balance. No one is less than other while both should have respect to each other. Sometimes these ideal things do not convert in real life. In such situation you don’t have any option rather than control your husband. This is because of he can behave with you gently with proper respect.  He will not ever hurt you when you will be able to control your husband? Now wondering how this is possible! All this is possible through powerful husband vashikaran remedies. Vashikaran is a powerful art form of controlling someone through the magical powers of specialist mantras.

How Husband Vashikaran Remedies Works

If you are a victim of your husband’s torture or have doubt on him that he is not completely loyal with you. And you also think that he is having outside physical relations with his female friends. Then it’s time to control your husband before he gets out of control from you.

To control him you should consult with our husband vashikaran remedies specialist astrologer. He can cast vashikaran remedies or spells on your husband effectively. As a result of he can control him so that he will follow what you will say him to do and will not misbehave with you. If you are not getting his love, he will love you once again and your life will be beautiful once again. Husband vashikaran remedies and mantras are not easy to cast so we strongly suggest you that either complete the totka to control husband procedure quite carefully or take consultation from our husband vashikaran remedies specialist astrologer guru. Here are some husband vashikaran remedies and mantras that can be used to cast vashikaran on husband.


Perform 21 jaap rosary cycle of this mantra along with your husband name and also perform DASHANSH Homan after Jaap. It will make your husband under your influence completely.

The next mantra is:-


This mantra is known as husband vashikaran tilak mantra and process includes mixing pure gorochan with pit of the fish and make this energized by enchanting the tone totke to control husband exactly 1108 times. After that you have to put the tilak on your forehead. Once this process done, your husband will be under your control forever.

Husband Vashikaran Upay and Totke

You lose your lover, husband, or wife sometimes due to unexpected twists and turns in your love life. Vashikaran mantras to win back your loved ones are an effective method of gaining your ex-partner back. Chant these powerful vashikaran mantras to get rid of the distressing moments of separation and gain confidence. The results will work in your favor, and your loved one will want to reunite with you again.

There are some husband vashikaran upay, remedies for husband control, and totke through which you can control your husband. These husband vashikaran totke and upay are from “Lal Kitab” also refer as wonder book in astrology field. You can use lal kitab husband vashikaran upay and totke to solve any problem you are having with your husband.

For example if your husband have drinking habit and you want to cure this bad habit of your husband. You can cure this through husband vashikaran totke and upay. For this process take flour of the same weight as his shoes are and roll a hand rolled chapatti and bake it directly on the fire without a tawa/hot pane. Give this chapatti to the street dogs. Repeat this thrice on three regular days and your husband will be non-alcoholic. Similarly if your husband criticizes you and is under the influence of another woman then you can bring your lost husband under your control by following husband vashikaran upay and totke.

  • Take 300 grams of ladoos made of besan
  • 2 ladoos made of wheat flour
  • 3 bananas and wet gram pulse and give all these to a cow who is feeding its calf.
  • After this your husband will change his nature.