Shiva Mantra to Get Lost Love Back

Shiva Mantra to Get Lost Love Back in 3 Days (100% Proof)

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Shiva Mantra to Get Lost Love Back: It is really hard to let someone go if you love him or her the most. It becomes all the more difficult if he is your boyfriend. A girl cannot come out of the fact that her lover is not with her. She cannot move on forgetting those special moments she was having with her lover. The question here is why does she need to forget those times? She can always use shiv mantra to get lost love back.

Yes, according to Hindu mythology there are several totkas for love attraction or totka to get your love back. Instead of sitting and crying and not being able to do anything, it is better to apply the totkas. Totkas are really powerful if a person can do it with faith. At any point, you can have a breakup due to various reasons. You can have a breakup due to your partner being unfaithful or there is another person in his life. 

Shiva Mantra to Get Lost Love Back

It is not easy to bring back a lover due to various reasons. Maybe he is happy with his new partner or maybe his ego is not letting him come back. So be sure that you need to work really hard to get him back, this is not an easy task, but still, you must try. Instead of wasting time thinking about him and crying for him, you should invest the time in some powerful totkas or mantras. 

Powerful Shiva Mantra to Get Lost Love Back

  • Firstly, write the name of your lover on a bhojpatra with a paste of lal chandan, using an anar ki kalam. 
  • Once this step is over put this bhojpatra in a honey bottle
  • Then keep the bottle in a secluded place. (make sure that no one touches it or sees it).
  • Within a few days, all the bitterness that is there in your partner’s heart will vanish
  • He will slowly get attracted to you and he will come back. 

Since this is a very powerful totka, once he comes back you will notice the change in him. You will see that he is giving you more time, he is being intimate with you, in fact, he is wanting to be with you all the time. To have all these you have to have a pure heart and you should have faith while performing the totkas. Totkas backfires as well, kindly keep this in mind. If you do not perform it as it is then the totka will never give positive results. 

Kindly do not be sad, start chanting this vashikaran mantra, surely your boyfriend will be back. 


Durga mantra to get lost love back

A list of rules one needs to follow to chant this mantra are: –

  • When you chant this mantra make sure that you are wearing red clothes. 
  • You should have a red kumkum mala because it attracts positive vibes.
  • You need to say this 108 times continuously for 11 days in a row if you want your boyfriend to come back

Think about whether you can forgive him or not because do not forget the fact that he was the one to leave the relationship. Maybe he has someone else in his life, are you willing to accept him and this fault? If the answer is no then do not do anything, and if your heart wants him at any cost then perform the mantras. There is nothing wrong with performing totkas, at least you are not harming anyone. You are doing something that will bring happiness in your life, so one must do totkas to bring back their lover. 

This is the best time to go for an astrologer. Since your boyfriend is not with you, you can meet an astrologer to find out whether he will come back into your life or not. Whether you people can be married or not and finally how smooth the marriage will be.

An astrologer is a person who can answer these questions easily. If he finds that the path will be rough for him then he will tell you not to move ahead. Some astrologers give powerful gems to remove this phrase and bring back your lover. Ask him whether it will be useful or not, then only purchase the gem and wear it or else no need. 

It feels really good when the lover comes back, there is a new romance, there is love in the air and life feels good. Once you get a positive result do not forget to thank the almighty. Your lover will not come back to you if God does not want him. He is the one who wants you both together and this is the reason he came back.

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